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A Brief History

The Eastern Coast Breweriana Association (ECBA) was formally established on September 12, 1970 in Hicksville, New York. The ECBA as a nonprofit organization was incorporated in the state of New Jersey on February 29, 1984. It became the oldest breweriana organization in the United States and was open to anyone with an interest in breweriana.

oldlogo revisedFrom a small group of 13 charter members, the association membership grew to over 500 active members.

The Association’s official insignia was accepted at Poughkeepsie, New York on March 6, 1971.

The establishment of the ECBA furthered the following objectives:

  • To unite on a common ground and mold all individuals in promoting the principle of breweriana collecting
  • To benefit our fellow collectors
  • Develop congenial fellowship
  • Preserve for posterity the history of the brewing industry

The Future of ECBA in 2020 and Beyond

At the 47th Annual Convention in the Summer of 2019, ECBA celebrated it’s 50th year. Due to changing demographics along with interest in the hobby and preservation of Breweriana, on July 20, 2019 ECBA members formally voted to become a Division within the nationwide American Breweriana Association (ABA) in the summer of 2020. Details regarding membership dues, benefits, trade shows/conventions, publications, and more are being worked on by the current ECBA Officers and ABA. Current 2019 ECBA Members (prior to the 47th Annual Convention) will receive additional details regarding the transition steps and procedures for the new Division creation within ABA.

Prior to Division Creation under ABA – Membership Benefits

Previous Benefits enjoyed by ECBA members:

  • E.C.B.A. Newsletter, the Keg – Published quarterly, dedicated to the ECBA membership and breweriana collecting
  • Membership Directory – Includes name, address, phone number, e-mail and web address, types of breweriana collected and other information
  • Meetings – A standing invitation to attend all ECBA meetings, shows, and the annual convention
  • E.C.B.A.Lending Library – Established in 1990 as a service to the membership
  • Micro Breweriana – Learn about the latest industry news, openings and closings of micro-breweries, and who has the best beer (now included in The Keg)

Prior to Division Creation under ABA – Membership Fees

Annual dues for membership are $32.00 for United States and foreign. Family membership is an additional $8.00 for annual dues ($40.00 total). To qualify for family membership, each member must reside at the same address.
(United States and Foreign)

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