Brewing Lending Library Catalogue

Beer Craft – William Bostwick & Jessi Rymill. Simple illustrated guide to making great beer, 2011

Beer for Beginners – Ken Hill. Home brewers guide, 1971

Beer Making for All – James MacGregor.  Home brewing guide, 1967

Beer Movies on DVD – Mark Benbow (editor). Collection of brewing trade educational films on DVD, 2005

Beer Bottlers Handy Book – Philip Dreesbach. Brewers technical handbook of bottling methods,  1906

Beers & Stouts (Home brewed) – C.J.J. Berry. Homebrewing guide to beers & stouts, 1984

Belgian Ale – Pierre Rajotte. Classic beer styles series #6,  c 1998

Better Beer & How to Brew It – M. R. Reese. Basic homebrewing guide, 1978

Big Book of Brewing – Dave Line. Paperback edition; Home Brewing made easy, 1974

Big Book of Brewing – Dave Line. Larger format of this title – homebrewing guide, 1974

Brew Chem 101 – Lee W. Janson PhD.The basics of homebrewing chemistry, 1996

Brew Ware – K. Lutzen & M. Stevens. How to find, adapt & build home brewing equip., 1996

Brew your Own British Real Ale – Graham Wheeler & Roger Protz. How-to guide to British real ale., 1998

Brewing – Michael Lewis & Tom W. Young. College textbook for brewing studies, 1995

Brewing and Malting – Laboratory Companion. J. Ross Mackenzie – Practical guide to the art & science of Brewing & Malting, 1927

Brewing Beers Like Those you Buy – Dave Line. Guide to home brewing British commercial Beer brands, 1978

Brewing Lager Beer – Gregory Noonan. Comprehensive brewing guide for Micro or homebrewers, 1986

Brewing Made Easy – Joe & Dennis Fisher. Introductory book to homebrewing, 1996

Brewing Quality Beer – Byron Burch. Home brewers essential guidebook, 1986

Brewing Quality Beer at Home – Leigh P. Beadle. Booklet describing homebrewing basics, 1978

Brewing up A Business – Sam Calagione. Adventures in brewery entrepreneurship from Dogfish Head Founder, 2005

Brewing up A Business – Sam Calagione. Adventures in beer, creating & growing Dogfish Head, 2011

Brewing the Worlds Great Beers – Dave Miller. Step-by-step guide for home brewers, 1992

Brewmaster’s Bible, The – Stephen Snyder. Home brewing guidebook, 1997

Cider – Annie Proulx & Lew Nichols. Making, using & enjoying sweet & hard cider, 1997

Classic Stout & Porter – Roger Protz. Brewing styles & methods for stout or porter, 1997

Clone Brews – Tess & Mark Szamatulski. Homebrew recipes for commercial style beer, 1998

Complete Joy of Homebrewing, The – Charlie Papazian. Home Brewing techniques, 1983

Complete Practical Brewer – M. L. Byrn M.D. Instructions in the art of brewing Ale, Beer & Porter, 1852

Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide – Dave Miller. Making great tasting beer at home, 1995

Essentials of Beer Style, The – Fred Eckhard. Catalog of beer styles for brewers & enthusiasts, 1989

Extreme Brewing – Sam Calagione. Introduction to brewing unusual & extreme beers at home, 2012

Farmhouse Ales – Phil Markowski. Culture and craftsmanship in the Belgian tradition, 2004

Forty Years A-Brewing – Wallerstein Labs. History of the Wallerstein Co. & contribution to brewing, 1950

German Wheat Beer – Eric Warner. Classic beer styles series: Brewing wheat beers, 1992

Great Beer From Kits – Joe Fisher & Dennis Fisher. Home brewing guide for kits, 1996

Home Beermaking – William Moore. Complete beginners guide to homebrewing, 1983

Home Brewed Beers & Stouts – C.J.J. Berry. Home brewers pocket guide, 1971

Home Brewed Beers & Stouts – C.J.J. Berry. Home brewing guidebook, 1982

Homebrew Favorites – Karl F. Lutzen & Mark Stevens. More than 240 Homebrew recipes, 1994

Home Brewing without Failures – H.E. Bravery – How to make your own Ale, beer stout & cider, 1965

Homebrewers Garden, The – Joe & Dennis Fisher. How to grow, prepare & use brewing plants, 1998

Homemade Rootbeer, Soda & Pop – Stephen Cresswell. How-to guide for homebrewers, 1998

Hops – The Essence of Beer – Jerrold F Hilton. Industry sponsored detailed guide to Hop varieties, 1996

Hop Varieties – Morris Hanbury Company. Morris Hanbury Co. Guide to Hop varieties & history of company c., 1996

Industry Sponsored Research on Brewing – W. D. McFarland PhD. Industry research published in book form, 1970

Material Culture of Breweries – Herbert W. Ronnenberg. Historic techniques, equipment and architecture of breweries, 2011

Microbrewers Resource Directory – Stuart Harris. Trade Association. resource for small (and home) brewers, 1983

More Homebrew Favorites – Karl F. Lutzen & Mark Stevens. More than 260 Homebrew Recipes, 1997

New Complete Joy of Homebrewing, The – Charlie Papazian. Homebrewing guide, step-by-step, 1991

Off Flavors in Beer (“RAGE” mens mag. pictorial) – Colin Pierce. Naked women posing with beer kegs, Jan 1998

Proceeding of the 55th Convention USBA – US Brewers Association. Full published report of USBA meeting, 1915

Prospectus: Wahl Institute College of Brewing – (none given). Course catalog of Wahl Brewing school 1935-1936, 1935

Radical Brewing – Randy Mosher. Fascinating look at peculiarities of beer culture, 2004

Secrets from the Master Brewers – P. Higgins, M. Kilgore et al. Professional brewers share Beer recipes & tips, 1998

Selected Homebrew Recipes – Brewing Tech. Advisory Board. Recipes for homebrewers, 1995

Steiner’s Guide to American Hops – (not given). Guide to American hop varieties & industry, 1973
The Art of Making Beer – S. Anderson & R Hull. Introductory guide to brewing beer at home, 1971

The Bierhaus Biermaking Guide – Ernest Weckesser. Basic beer making pamphlet from Homebrew supply, 1978

The New Brewers Handbook – Patrick Baker. Basic home-brewing guidebook, 1989

Victory Beer Recipes AHA – James Spence (editor). American Homewbrew Assn. award winning recipes, 1994

Wahl Handybook – Brewing Materials – Arnold Spencer Wahl. Authoritative industry guide to brewing materials, 1944

Wahl-Henius Institute Course Catalog – 1938 (none given). Course catalog of the brewing school – 1938-1939, 1938

Wine & Beer Making Simplified – H.E. Bravery. Home brewing guide made simple, 1972

Winners Circle – Charlie Papazian ( 10 Years of award-winning homebrew recipes, 1989