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There is increasing evidence that the Craft Beer Revolution of the nineties, (now a full-fledged industry) has made a hugh impact on the “big guys” of beer. More and more shelf space has been allocated to the smaller operations, and profit margins for the more familiar Miller, Bud, Coors brands has eroded. Naturally, the “Big Boys” are fighting against this trend and the results are alarming. A look at 2015 ownership changes show a number of the iconic Craft names falling to the giants. Now AB-InBev is proceeding with a plan to acquire SAB Miller if the antitrust laws can be circumvented. (Ed. note: Miller Brewing in the U.S. will be spun off to Molson/Coors to avoid Justice Department scrutiny – AB-InBev wants the international portfolio of SAB Miller).

While the craft industry continues to grow (around 960 new openings were added to the BBC Brewery list in 2015 with only about 60 closures) the trend will eventually taper off. Shelf space in retail stores will go to the distributors with the biggest clout, and the “little guys” will be pushed aside and weeded out. It would be sad to see a return to the sixties and seventies when beer drinkers ceased to have choices in the brands and flavors of their brews.

  • Ballast Point, CA ~ Bought by Constellation Brands (Corona US)
  • Breckenridge Brewery, CO ~ Bought by: AB-InBEV
  • Elysian Brewing, WA ~ Bought by: AB-InBev
  • Four Peaks Brewing, AZ ~ Bought by: AB-InBev
  • Full Sail Brewing, OR ~ Bought by: Encore COnsumer Capital (Private Equity Firm)
  • Golden Road Brewing, CA ~ Bought by: AB-InBev
  • Lagunitas Brewing, CA ~ Partnered with: Heineken International
  • Partial Sales, CA ~ Partnered with: Duvel Moortgat
  • Saint Archer Brewing, CA ~ Bought by: SAB-Miller
  • Miller Street Brewing, Toronto ~ Bought by: AB-InBev
  • Camden Town Brewery, UK ~ Bought by” AB-InBev
  • Meantime Brewery, UK ~ Bought by: SAB-Miller