Culture Lending Library Catalogue

300 Beers to try Before you Die – Roger Protz.  300 best worldwide beers with descriptions & rating, 2010

365 Beertime Stories – Dennis McCloskey.  Beer tales & trivia, 1989

365 Bottles of Beer for the Year – 1997 Calendar – Bob Klein. Calendar with daily beer information, 1997

365 Bottles of Beer for the Year – (2001 Calendar) – Bob Klein.  Calendar with daily beer information, 2000

365 Bottles of Beer for the Year – 2011 – Page-a-day. Calendar with page-a-day information on 365 beers, 2010

A Connoisseur’s Guide to Beer – Christopher Finch.  Worldwide guide to great beers & brewing heritage, 1989

A Man Walks into a Pub – Pete Brown.  A sociable history of beer, traditions & the pub, 2003

A Short But Foamy History of Beer – William Paul & Robert Haiber.  Beer history, development, styles & culture, 1993

A Tankard of Ale – Theodore Maynard.  Anthology of drinking songs from 15th century to today, 1920

A Taste For Beer – Stephen Beaumont.  Celebrating, selection, cooking & appreciating beer styles, 1995

A World of Beer (Audio Tape) – Stephen Beaumont.  Audio tape introduction to beer history, styles & tasting, c.2000

Ale Trail, The – Roger Protz.  Celebration of the revival of world’s oldest beer style, 1995

All About Beer – John Porter.  A light treatise on the pleasure, properties & uses of beer, 1975

Ale and Hearty – Alan Wykes.  Gleanings from the history of brews and brewing, 1979

Amazing Story of Repeal, The – Fletcher Dobyns.  Unusual perspective against repeal of Prohibition, 1940

Ambitious Brew – Maureen Ogle.  The story of American Beer (Large, bland corporate), 2006

American Brew (CD-ROM) – Paul Kermizian (Director).  A movie tour of nearly 40 craft beweries in 40 days, 2003

America’s Best Brews – Steve Johnson.  Guide to over 375 craft beers, 1997

Article: Suds Appeal – Oui Magazine 11/1979 issue.  The best local beers in America, rated, 1979

Badger Bars & Tavern Tales – Bill Moen & Doug Davis.  Illustrated hisory of Wisconsin saloons & beer culture, 2003

Beer – Gregg Smith.  History of suds & civilization from Mesopotamia to Micros, 1995

Beer – Michael Jackson.  What makes a great beer? World-class beer described. Illustrated, 1998

Beer (Interactive CD ROM) – Beer tips, tour & information for PC, 2000

Beer and Good Food – Bob & Colleen Simmons.  The new beer revolution & cooking with it, 1997

Beer & Philosophy – Steven D. Hales.  Philosophy as viewed through a glass of beer & with a glass of beer, 2007

Beer Blast – Philip Van Munching.  Inside story of Brewing industry battle for your money, 1997

Beer Book, The – Bob Abel.  Beer as a cultural element, 1981

Beer Book, The – Tim Hampson (editor).  Drinking companion to over 1700 beers – taste and style guide, 2008

Beer, Class in A Glass – Penthouse Magazine 5/1975 issue.  Beer history & social perspective, 1975

Beer Diet Book, The – Bill Metzger & Barbara Block.  Losing Weight & gaining strength on “beer diet”, 2001

Beer Drinkers Handbook, The – Kevin Trayner.  British published view of world beer culture, 2002

Beer Facts, Figures & Fun – Paul Barnet.  All sorts of beer stories & information in condensed format, 2006

Beer for Dummies – Marty Nachel.  Beer, brewing, beer culture, travel & collecting, 1996

Beer for Pete’s Sake – Pete Slosberg.  Biography of “Pete”, creator of Pete’s Wicked Ale, 1998

Beer Games II – Andy Griscom, Ben Rand, et. al. Exploitative sequal” Beer Games, Humor & Trivia, 1995

Beer Hunter, The (Interactive CD-ROM) – Michael Jackson.  Interactive guide to new beer renaissance for PC, 1995

Beer Hunter, The – Volumes I, II, III (Video) – Michael Jackson.  Video introduction to world beer culture & history, 1999

Beer in the Middle Ages & the Renaissance – Richard Unger.  Historic look at beer in middle ages culture, 2004

Beer is Better Than Women Because – Brooks, Hanbery, et. al. Comic booklet with humorous cartoon sketchs, (?)

Beer Lover’s Cookbook, The – All About Beer Magazine.  Great recipes from famous breweries, 2004

Beer Makes it Better Cookbook, The – M. Russell & M. Stromberg.  Cooking with beer, 1971

Beer Naturally – Michael Hardman & Theo Bergstrom.  Traditional brewing of real ales, 1976

Beer Naturally – Michael Hardman & Theo Bergstrom.  Traditional brewing of real ales, 1976

Beer New England – Will Anderson.  Affectionate look at New England’s past & present Brewers, 1988

Beer, It’s History & Economic Value – F. W. Salem.  Copy of historic perspective – development of colonial brewing, 1880

Beer Lovers Rating Guide, The (1995) – Bob Klein.  Worldwide guide – 1200 listings, 1995

Beer, The Story of the Pint – Martyn Cornell.  The history of Britain’s most popular drink, 2003

Beer, USA – Will Anderson.  500 years of American beer – facts, folklore & photos, 1986

Beeradelphia (DVD) – Michael Ryan Lawrence.  City of Brewery Love – Documentary of beer culture, 2012

Beers of North America – Bill Yenne.  History & culture of N. American brewers and beers, 1986

Beers of North America – 2nd Edition – Bill Yenne.  Expanded history & culture of N. American beers & brewing, 1990

Beers of the World – Bill Yenne.  History and culture of beer & brewing worldwide, 1994

Beers of the World – David Kenning.  Over 350 classic beers, Lagers, ales & Porters, 2005

Bennigan’s Guide to Tasting, Toasts & Food – Rob Haiber.  Beer tasting, styles, culture & History, 1997

Best of British (Traditional Recipes) – Lyn Rutherford.  British style food & recipes, 1992

Better Way to Drink, The – Roger Vogler & Wayne Bartz.  Treatment approach for problem drinking – moderation, 1982

Better With Beer – Home Econom. Test Kitchens – Food for entertaining (with beer), c 1936

Big Book O’Beer, The – Duane Swierczynski.  Everything you wanted to know about Worlds greatest beverage, 2004

Book of Beer, The – Bob Abel.  World wide survey, history and guide to beer, 1976

Book of Beer Knowledge, The – Jeff Evans.  Essential wisdom for the discerning drinker, 200?

Brewed Awakening – Joshua Bernstrein.  Beers & Brewers leading the craft beer revolution, 2011

Brewed in Canada – Allen W. Sneath.  The story of Canada’s 350 year old brewing industry, 2001

Brewery Adventures in the Big East – Jack Erickson.  Guide to brewers & beers of the eastern US, 2012

Brewmasters Table, The – Garrett Oliver.  Discovering pleasure of real beer and real food, 2003

Brewpub Cookbook, The – Daria Labinsky & Stan Hieronymus.  Favorite recipes from great Brewpubs, 1997

Broom is Out (Confessions of a Budweiser Beer Drummer), The – Dick Wall.  Memoir of a beer salesman, 1996

Common Sense of Drinking, The – Richard Peabody.  Defines the alcoholic and a cure., 1931

Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games – Andy Griscom (  Beer games, lore & trivia, 1984

Complete Encyclopedia of Beer, The – B. Verhoef.  Directory to the beers of the world, 1997

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beer, The – Stewart Kallen.  Quick & easy reference source to Beer related topics, 1997

Cooking & Eating With Beer – Peter LaFrance.  Conversations with chefs & rest. Owners, 1997

Cooking & Eating With Beer – Peter LaFrance.  50 chefs, brewmasters & restauranteurs talk beer & food, 1997

Cooking With Beer – Lucy Saunders.  Taste tempting recipes & creative ideas for matching food & beer, 1996

Cooking With Beer – Annette Stover & Culinary Arts Institute. Beer lovers cookbook, 1980

Cooking With Beer – Culinary Arts Institute.  Great kitchen tested recipies using beer, 1980

Cooking With Beer – (none given).  Great tasting recipies using ales, stouts and beers, 2004

Cooking With Beer (paperback) – James O’Connor (editor).  Booklet with 50 simple recipes using beer, 2006

Cooking With Beer (hardbound) – Louis Weber (editor).  Beer – not just for drinking – 40 recipes, 2005

Cooking With Beer – Sheryn R. Jones.  28 easy recipes using beer, 2007

Cooking With Spirits – Ruth Neumann.  Recipes featuring use of beer, wine & spirits, 1961

Curiosities of Ale and Beer, The – John Bickerdyke.  Beer and brewing history & tales pre-1900, 1965

Dear Green Pint (Glasgow Real Ale Guide), The – CANRA – Pocket guide to the real ale pubs of Glasgow, Scotland

Donald Bull’s Beer Trivia – Donald Bull.  500 questions & answers about beer, 1985

Drink Your Beer & Eat it Too – Joanie Steckart.  Beer lover’s cookbook, 1995

End of the Roaring Twenties, The – Bill Severn.  Story of prohibition and repeal, 1969

English Pub, The – Michael Jackson.  A unique social phenomenon in British culture, 1976

Esquire Cookbook – Editors of Esquire.  Cookbook with men in mind, 1955

Famous Chef’s Cook With Beer – W. Scott Griffiths & Christopher Finch.  Cookbook with recipes using beer, 1996

From Beer To Eternity- Will Anderson.  U.S. Beer culture & history, 1987

German Cookbook, The – Mimi Sheraton.  Complete guide to authentic German cooking, 1965

Gourmet Guide to Beer, The – Howard Hillman.  Comprehensive guide to all beer available in US.(1983), 1983

Great American Beer – Christopher O’Hara.  50 US Beer Brands that shaped the 20th Century, 2006

Great American Beer Book, The (paperback) – James Robertson.  Beers, breweries and breweriana in the US, 1978

Great American Beers Book – Bill Yenne.  Twelve US brands that became industry icons, 2004

Great Aussie Beers – Editor: Barbara Whiter.  Tiny Pocket book of noted Australian Beers & styles, 1993

Great Beer Trek, The – Stephen Morris.  Beer drinkers tour of America, 1984

Great Beers of Belgium, The – Michael Jackson.  Guide to Belgian beers & beer culture, c.1995

Great British Beer Book, The – Roger Protz.  The British tradition of beer & ale, styles & culture, 1987

Great Canadian Beer Book, The – Gerald Donaldson & Gerald Lampert.  Canadian beer history & culture, 1975

Great Gulp, The – Oui Magazine 4/1975.  Consumers guide to beer, circa 1975- 1975

Great State of Maine Beer Book – Will Anderson.  Engaging, Illustrated look at Maine’s brewing Past & present, 1996

Great State of Maine Beer Book, The – Will Anderson.  Brewing in Maine – historic & contemporary, 1996

Grossman’s Guide to Wine & Spirits & Beer – Harold J. Grossman.  Textbook style guide to alcoholic beverages worldwide, 1964

Guinness Drinking Companion, The – Leslie Dunkling.  An thology of drinking history, culture and literature, 1992

Hangover Handbook, The – Nic Van Oudstshoorn.  Humorous look at 101 cures for Humanities oldest malady, 1993

Hawaii Beer Book, The – Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi.  Beers, Breweries and Beer cuisine in Hawaii, 2007

He Said Beer, She Said Wine – Sam Calagione & Marnie Old.  Food pairing insights from a brewer & a wine sommelier, 2010

Heavenly Beer – Roger Protz.  Guide to the great Abbey & Monastery beers of Belgium & the World, 2002

Holiday Fare – Beer Lover’s Cookbook – All about Beer Magazine.  Cooking for the holidays with beer, 2005

How Drinking Can be Good for You – Morris Chafetz, MD.  The argument for self-awareness and moderation, 1978

I Like My Beer Diet, The – Martin Lipp, MD.  12-day weight loss program includes beer, 1984

Illustrated Directory of Beer, The – compilation – Guide to over 1500 beers, brewers large & small, 2014

Inns and Their Signs – Eric Delderfield.  New British Inn & Pub signs illustrated, 1975

International Book of Beer, The – Barrie Pepper.  Global guide to Worlds most popular drink, 1996

Irish Stout Recipies – Shelia Mortimer.  Cooking with Irish Stout, 2003

Jimmy the Bartenders Guide to Life – James Kennedy & Denis Boyles.  Advice on women, money, sex, work, etc., 1999

Let There be Beer! – Bob Brown.  A celebration of Beer written in 1932, 1932

Lite Reading – Frank Deford.  Lite beer from Miller commercial scrapbook – Illustrated, 1984

Michael Jackson’s Beer Companion – Michael Jackson.  Worlds great beer styles, traditions and culture, 1993

Michael Jackson’s Beer Companion (2nd Edition) – Michael Jackson.  Worlds great beer styles, traditions and culture, 1997

Michael Jackson’s Beer Companion (2nd Edition) – Michael Jackson.  Beer styles, tastes, history & traditions, 1997

Michael Jackson’s Little Book Of Beer – Michael Jackson.  Tiny little book of beer sayings & Culture, 1998

Modern Drunkard, The – Frank Kelly Rich.  Handbook for drinking in the 21st Century (humor), 2005

New World Guide to Beer, The – Michael Jackson.  Guide to good beer, revised & updated, 1988

Playboy: “A Heady History of Beer” – Ronald Schiller.  Article: history of beer & overview, 1972

Pocket Guide to Beer (4th Edition) – Michael Jackson.  Connoisseurs guide to more than 1500 beers of the world, 1997

Pocket Guide to Beer (6th Edition) – Michael Jackson.  Connoisseurs guide to more than 2000 beers of the world, 1997

Prohibition (companion to A & E series) – Edward Behr.  Story of the 13 year “experiment” that changed America, 1996

Pub Games – Arthur R. Taylor.  paperback, rules and history of all types of bar games, 1976

Real Beer & Good Eats – Bruce Aidells & Denis Kelly.  Rebirth of America’s beer & food Traditions, 1995

Secret Ingredient in Cooking, The – United States Brewers Association. Cooking with Beer – Recipies & style, 1960’s

Secret Life of Beer, Exposed, The – Alan D. Eames.  Legends, lore and little known facts, 2004

Simon & Schuster Pocket Guide to Beer – Michael Jackson.  Guide to beer styles and brewery Reviews, 1994

Sports Illustrated “Sports & Suds” – William Oscar Johnson.  Beer & how it influences sports article, 1988

Stephen Beaumont’s Brewpub Cookbook – Stephen Beaumont.  100 recipes from 30 North American Brewpubs, 1998

Signs & Wonders – Starr & Ed Hyman.  Marketing of America – Signs in Times Square, NY, 1998

Straub Beer Cookbook, The – John E. Schlimm III.  Selected recipes using beer & Straub brewery (St. Mary’s, PA) history, 2003

Summer Fare – All About Beer staff.  A beer lovers cookbook-let, 2005

Tales From the Country Pub – Brian Martin.  Unique and historic British country “locals” PubsP, 1998

Tasters Guide to Beer, The (Copy 1) – Michael A. Weiner.  Beer lore, history, & reviews, 1977

Tasters Guide to Beer, The (Copy 2) – Michael A. Weiner.  Beer lore, history, & reviews, 1977

Text Book of True Temperance A-M Monahan.  Brewers response to anti-liquor crusades, 1909

The Scoop (October 1963) – Author Unknown.  Lehigh Valley, PA Tavern Newsletter, October 1, 1963

Total Guide to Beer – Total Wine & More.  Consumers overview of beer producers & styles, 2012

Traditional British Pub, The, A Way of Drinking – Ben Davis.  British pub inerior design elements, 1981

Travels with Barley – Ken Wells.  A journey through beer cultures in America, 2004

TV Beer Commercials (3 Parts) Video – 1950’s & 1960’s beer commercials, 1995

Ultimate Beer Lover’s Cookbook, The – John Schlimm.  More than 400 recipes using and to go with beer, 2008

Ultimate Encyclopedia of Beer, The – Roger Protz.  Complete guide to world’s great beers, Illustrated, 1995

Victorian Public Houses – Brian Spiller.  Illustrated guide to British pubs in high Victorian style, 1972

Victorian Pubs – Mark Girouard.  The illustrated history of Victorian era British pubs, 1975

We Keep A Pub – Tom Berkley.  Funny tale of a British couple who run a pub, 1955

World Guide to Beer, The (2nd Edition) – Michael Jackson.  Guide to beers & beer culture of the world, 1977

World Guide to Beer, The (1st Edition) – Michael Jackson.  Worldwide beer, brewery history & culture, 1977

World of Drinks & Drinking, The – John Doxat.  Drinking patterns, cultures & styles, 1972