Guidebooks Lending Library Catalogue

300 Beers to Try Before You Die – Roger Protz.  Worldwide guide to outstanding beer styles, 2007

1997-98 MBA Blue Book – Modern Brewery Age.  Brewing Industry reference source, 1997

50th Anniv. Directory PA Beverage Distributors – PA MBDA.  50th convention journal – industry Information, 1986

501 Bars Around Baltimore – Chum Grinder & Newton Heaps.  Bar reviews & local history, 1986

99 Beers off the Wall – Marty Wombacher.  99 beers in 99 Bars in New York City, 2002

A Taste for Beer – Stephen Beaumont.  Guide to collecting, tasting & enjoying beer, 1995

America’s Best Beers – Christopher Finch & W. Scott Griffiths.  Complete guide to more than 350 U.S. microbreweries, 1994

Barhop U.S.A. – Awsome Wells (Martin Delcanho). Coast-to-coast bar guidebook, 1989

Barhop USA (2nd Copy) – Awesome Wells (Martin Delcanho). Coast-to-coast bar guide, 1989

Bars of Reading & Berks – Suds Kroge & Dregs Donnigan.  Guide to bars of Reading & Berks County, PA, 1988

Beer (Domestic, Imported and Home Brewed) – Eve Adamson.  Guide to choosing, drinking, brewing and loving it, 2006

Beer & Bar Atlas – Pat Baker.  Nationwide reviews of beer-bars, 1988

Beer & Bar Atlas (Copy 2) – Pat Baker.  Great taverns & beer bars, 1989

Beer – Checkerbee Guide – Checkerbee Guides.  Overview of beer culture; beer styles, brewing, & collecting, 2000

Beer and Cider in Ireland – Iorwerth Griffiths.  Complete guidebook to beers, brewers and beerpubs in Ireland, 2007

Beer Across America – Marty Nachel.  Regional guide to Brewpubs & micro-breweries, 1995

Beer Directory, The – Heather Wood.  International guide to breweries, publications, and organizations, etc…, 1995

Beer Directory, The (Copy 2) – Heather Wood.  International Guide to beer culture, breweries, and Organizations, 1995

Beer Drinkers Guide to Buffalo Bars – Dale Anderson & Bob Riley.  Bar hopping & reviews of bars in Buffalo, NY, 1985

Beer Drinkers Guide to Munich, The – Larry Hawthorne.  Guidebook to the breweries & beer- halls of Munich, Germany, 1991

Beer Drinkers Guide to the Bars of Reading – Suds Kroge & Dregs Donnigan.  Guide to bars of Reading, PA, 1975

Beer Essentials, The – F. Paul Pacult.  Guide to international beer tasting, 1997

Beer Guppy’s Guide to Southern California, The – Jay Sheveck.  Travelers guide to over 300 beer destinations, 2007

Beer Log, The – James D. Robertson.  Loose-leaf notebook for tasting notes, worldwide, 1992

Beer Lovers Gide to the USA, The – Stan Hieronymus & Daria Labinsky.  US brewpubs, taverns & beer bars, 2000

Beer Lovers Rating Guide, The – Bob Klein.  Worldwide guide – 1500 listings, 2000

Beer Tasters Log, The – James D. Robertson.  Paperback edition Beer reviews of 6000 beers, 1996

Book of Great American Watering Holes – Michael Caldwell.  Guide to over 100 brewpubs, beer bars & taverns in NE United States, 2001

Brewers Resource Directory 1991 – 1992 – Institute for Brewing Studies.  Resource guide to industry for small brewers, 1991

Brewery Adventures in the Wild West – Jack Erickson.  Micro-Brewery guide to west- US, 1991

Brewery Adventures in the Wild West (Copy 2) – J. Erickson.  Brewpubs in the western US, 1991

Brewery Planner – Institute for Brewing Studies.  Guide to opening a small brewery, 1991

Christmas Beer – Don Russell.  Joe Sixpack’s guide to special holiday beers, 2008

Coops Road Map North East Brewpubs – Lone Mountain Designs.  Roadmap & guide to microbrewers & pubs – North East US, 1994

Connoisseur’s Guide to Beer – James D. Robertson.  Beer styles and tasting notes, 1982

Doncaster’s Inns & Taverns – Peter Tuffrey.  Illustrations and history of Doncaster (England) Pubs, 1990

Encyclopedia of Beer – Christine P. Rhodes (Editor).  Beer lovers bible and complete reference guide, 1995

Essential Reference of Domestic Brewers – M. Kuderka.  Reference of domestic (US) brewers & bottled products, 2006

Good Beer Guide 1992 – Jeff Evans, Editor. CAMRA guide to British real-ale pubs, 1992

Good Beer Guide to Belgium & Holland, The – Tim Webb.  Guidebook Guide to the beers & breweries of Belgium & Holland, 1999

Gourmet Guide to Beer, The (Revised) – Howard Hillman.  Taste and style guide to world great Beers, 1987

Great American Bars & Saloons, The – Kathy Weiser.  Historic US bars and saloons 1950, 1930-2006

new_signGreat American Beer – Christopher O’Hara. 50 Iconic American Beers That Shaped the 20th Century, 2006

Great Beers of Belgium (3rd Edition) – Michael Jackson.  Illustrated guide to the beers & beer culture of Belgium, 1998

Great Beer Trek, The – Revised & Updated – Stephen Morris.  Guide to highlights of American beer drinking, 1990

Great Cooking with Beer – Jack Erickson.  Cooking with & for beer / Beer dinners, 1989

Great Lakes Beer Guide, The – Jamie MacKinnon.  Guide to the beers of MI, NY, PA, OH, VT & Canada, 1997

Great Northeast Brewery Tour (the) – Ben Keene.  Selected Craft Brewers in NE U.S., Reviewed 2014

Greetings from Reading, PA – Scott Parzanese.  Guidebook for Convention Tour, 2009

Guide to Maryland Taverns, Clubs & Bars – Michael L. Spaur.  Guide to selected Maryland Taverns, 1992

new_signIllustrated Directory of Beer, The – Compilation.  Guide to over 500 beers, brewers large and small, 2014

In Search of the Perfect Brew – Ian Bowering.  Guide to Canada’s Microbrewers, 1990

Joe Sixpack’s Philly Beer Guide – Don Russell.  Reporters Notes on Best Beer drinking city in America, 2008

Microbrews – Matthew Zimmerman & Chad Stice.  A guide to America’s best new beers & breweries, 1996

New Jersey Breweries – Lew Bryson & Mark Haynie.  Guide to the Breweries of the “Garden” State, 2008

New York Breweries – Lew Bryson.  Guide to New York state breweries, micro-breweries & brewpubs, 2003

New York Breweries – Lew Bryson.  Guide to New York state brewers, 2003

New York City’s Best Dive Bars – Wendy Mitchell.  Drinking and diving in the five boroughs of New York, 2003

North Carolina Craft Beer & Breweries – Erik Lars Myers.  Guide to craft breweries & beers of the tarheel state, 2012

On Tap – Steve Johnson.  Guide to US brewpubs, 1991

On Tap – 3rd Edition – Steve Johnson.  Pocket Guide to N. American Brewpubs, 1995

On Tap Companion, The – Steve Johnson.  Addendum to On Tap, additions Spring 1991, 1992

On Tap – US East & Canada – Steve Johnson.  US brewpub guide, eastern states & Canada 2nd Edition, 1993

On Tap – US West – Steve Johnson.  US brewpub guide, western states, 2nd edition, 1993

Pennsylvania Breweries – Lew Bryson.  Reviews & tour of operating PA breweries pubs, 1998

Pennsylvania Breweries – 2nd Edition – Lew Bryson.  Reviews & tour of operating PA breweries & brewpubs, 2000

Philadelphia Brewery Tour – Rich Wagner.  Phila. Brewery historic information for tour, September 2010

Philly Beer Week – Robert DiCicco.  Beers of Legend guide to Philly Beer Week, 2010

Pocket Guide to Beer, The – Michael Jackson.  Great beers from around the world, 1982

Pocket Guide to Beer, The – Michael Jackson.  Pocket companion guide to over 1000 beers, 1986

Premier Beer – Elaine Louie.  Guide to America’s best bottled microbrews, 1996

Price Guide to Flea Market Treasures – Harry Rinker.  Price guide to diverse variety of flea market treasures, 1995

Pubs & Inns of England & Wales – Alastair Sawday.  Guide to Inns & Pubs by region, 2004

Seattle Brews – Bart Becker.  Insiders Guide to neighborhood Brewpubs & bars, 1992

Star Spangled Beer – Jack Erickson.  America’s new Micro / Pub breweries guide, 1987

Star Spangled Beer (Copy 2) – Jack Erickson.  Guide to America’s micro / pub-breweries, 1987

Ultimate Beer – Michael Jackson.  Guide to worlds great beers – extensively illustrated, 1998