History Lending Library Catalogue

100 Years of Brewing – Western Brewer. 100 year history of US brewing industry – 18th century reprinted, 1974 *(Not available for loan – research upon request)

new_sign200 Years of Brewing in Allegheny County – Richard Ober & Robert Musson. Illustrated History of Brewers of Allegheny County PA 1760, 1960-2015

1974 MBA Blue Book – Modern Brewery Age. Brewer’s resource book, 1974

1979 MBA Blue Book – Modern Brewery Age. Guide for industry to operating breweries, suppliers & distributors, 1979

1889 Tovey’s Brewers & Malters Directory – Brewers Journal. Brewers in the US with sales year ending 1889

20 years of American Beers (The ’30’s & ’40’s) – Reino Ojala. Beer brands in use & brewers licensed 1930’s & 1940’s, ?

A Beer Drinkers Companion – Alan Eames. 5000 years of quotes, & anecdotes about beer, 1986

Al Capone – A & E Biography Video – A & E Network. Video biography of notorious gangster & bootlegger, 1995

Allentown – Images of America Series – Ann Bartholomew & Carol Front. Historic Allentown, PA through photos, 2002

Amazing But True – P. Ballantine & Sons. Fabulous Facts about a famous company (Ballantine), c.1950

American Beer Trucks – Donald F. Wood. Photographic review of a century of Beer delivery 1999

American Breweries – Bull, Friedrich & Gottschalk. Reference source to known US breweries (obsolete), 1984

American Breweries II (Paperback Ed.) – Dale P. VanWieren. Directory of known U.S. Breweries Updated, 1995

American Breweries of the Past – David Moyer. Brief histories of 30 extinct US Breweries, 2009

American Brewery, The – Bill Yenne. Beautiful historic account of US brewery industry, 2003

An American History of Beer (Video) – Presented by AB Incorporated. 22 minute video presentation, 1998

Badger Breweries Past & Present – Waayne Kroll. Detailed accounting of all known Wisconsin Brewers, 1976

Baltimore Beer (History Press) – Rob Kasper. Story of Baltimore brewing history – colonial times until today, 2012

Barley and the Stream, The – Merrill Denison. Molson story set against Canada history, 1955

Beer – A History of Brewing In Chicago – Bob Skilnik. The rise and fall of Chicago’s brewing industry, 2006

Beer & Brewing in America – Morris Weeks Jr. Guide to history of US brewing industry, 1949

Beer & Brewing in the Inland Northwest (1850- 1950) – Herman Ronnenberg. Historic overview of the beer industry in Idaho & N.W. US, 1993

Beer Baron of Boise: The Life of John Lemp, The Herman W. Ronnenberg. Extensively researched history of Idaho brewer John Lemp, 2008

Beer Drinkers Bible, The – Gregg Smith & Carie Getty. Beer lore, trivia & history, 1997

Beer In America (Early Years 1587 – 1840) – Gregg Smith. Beer’s role in early America as component of society, 1998

Beers, Breweries & Breweriana – Sonja & Will Anderson. Introduction to breweriana, collecting & brewery history, 1969

Bootlegger; Max Hassel, Millionaire Newsboy – Ed Taggert. The story of Max Hassel, prohibition bootlegger, 2003

Brewed In America – Stanley Baron. History of beer & ale in the United States, 1962

Brewed In America (Copy 2) – Stanley Baron. History of beer & ale in the United States, 1962

Brewed In Detroit – Peter H. Blum. History of Detroit, MI breweries, 1999

Brewed in the Pacific Northwest – Gary & Gloria Meier. History of beer making in Oregon & Washington, 1991

Brewed with Style – P. Koeller & D. DeLano. The story of G. Heileman Brewing Co., 2004

Breweries of Central New York – Daniel Shumway. History of Central NY state breweries 1800-1943, 2013

Breweries of Cleveland – Carl H. Miller. History of brewing industry in Cleveland, Ohio, 1998

Breweries of Kensington & Beyond – Rich Wagner. Booklet overview of historic Philadelphia Breweries, 2003

Breweries of Oshkosh, The – R Akin & L Reiherzer. Illust. History of Brewing in Oshkosh, WI, 2013

Breweries of Wisconsin – Jerry Aps. Brewing history in the state of Wisconsin 1840-1960, 1992

new_signBrewers and Breweries of Lebanon County (PA) – Robert Heilman. Illustrated Booklet Detailing History of Rural Lebanon County Brewers, 1997

Brewery History – Susan Appel (Editor). Journal of the British Brewery History Society, 2014

Brewing Beer Along the Tuscarawas – Robert Musson. Pictoral history of brewing in eastern Ohio Tuscarawas River Valley, 2012

Brewing Beer in the Buckeye State Vol.I – Robert Musson, MD. Brewing history; eastern Ohio from 1808 to 2004, 2005

Brewing Beer in the Capital City Vol. 1 – Hoster – Dr. Robert Musson. Illustrated history of Hoster Brewing Co. in Columbus, OH, 2011

Brewing Beer in The Capital City VII – Robert A Musson. The Gambrinus / August Wagner Brewery – Columbus, OH, 2013

new_signBrewing Beer in the Capital City VIII – Robert Musson. Pictoral History of Franklin, Washington, Ohio, AB, and Craft Brewers, 2015

Brewing Beer in the Forest City (Cleveland) v.1 – Robert Musson – Pictorial history of Brewing history in Cleveland, OH (Pt. 1 – Leisy Brewery), 2012

Brewing Beer in the Forest City (Cleveland) v.4 – Robert Musson. Pictoral history of Brewing history in Cleveland, OH (Pt.4-West Side), 2014

Brewing Beer in the Gem City (Dayton, OH) – Robert A. Musson, MD. Pictorial History of Brewing industry in Dayton, Ohio, 2011

Brewing Beer in the Glass City Vol. 1 – Dr. Robert Musson. Illustrated history of Toledo Brewing – Buckeye Brewing Co., 2011

Brewing Beer in the Glass City Vol. 2 – Dr. Robert Musson. Illustrated history of Toledo brewing – Huebner, Koerber, et.al., 2011

Brewing Beer in the Mahoning Valley – Robert A. Musson, MD. Pictorial History of Brewing Industry in NE Ohio and NW PA, 2011

Brewing Beer in the Queen City, Vol. 1 – Robert A. Musson, MD. Pictorial History of Brewing Industry in Cincinnati (Part 1), 2011

Brewing Beer in the Queen City, Vol. II1 – Robert A. Musson, MD. Robert A. Musson – Hauck & Red Top Brewery, 2012

Brewing Beer in the Queen City, Vol. 1V – Robert A. Musson. History of Christian Moerlein, 2014

Brewing Beer in the Queen City, Vol. 5 (Cincinnati, OH) – Robert A. Musson, MD. Pictoral History of Brewing Industry in Downtown Cincinnati, 2014

Brewing Beer in the Rubber City – Robert A. Musson, MD. History of Akron, Ohio brewing (1845-1997), 1997

Brewing Beer Since 1829 – Robert A. Musson MD. Pictoral history of D. G. Yuengling Brewery, 2010

Brewing For Victory – Brian Glover. British Brewers, Beers & Pubs in World War II, 1995

Brewing in Cincinnati (Hudepohl) – Hudepohl Brewing Co. 100 Years of Hudepohl Brewing Co. 1885-1985, 1985

Brewing In Cleveland – Robert Musson MD. Images of America series, photo-history of Cleveland breweries, 2005

new_signBrewing in Delaware – John Medkeff. Arcadua Immages Illustrated History of Delaware Beer History, 2015

Brewing in Greater Pittsburgh – Robert Musson MD. Images of America Series; Pittsburgh brewing history in photos, 2012

Brewing In Maryland (Colonial to Present) – William Kelley. Photocopy of RARE 730 page book c. 1965, 1965

Brewing In Ontario (The Art & Mystery of) – Ian Bowering. Brewing history of Ontario Province, Canada, 1988

Brewing in Trinidad, Colorado – Mike Hennech. Brewing history of Trinidad, Colorado, 1992

Brewing Industry & Brewery Workers Movement in America, The – Hermann Schluter. Reprint of historic brewing industry text, spiral bound, 1910

Brewing Up A Damn Good Story – Minhas Family. History of Huber/Minhas Brewery – Monroe, WI, 2008

Christian Moerlein – Hudepohl Brewing Co. Advertising brochure / sales kit, 1985

Cincinnati Breweries – Robert Wimberg. History of Brewing industry in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1989

Citizen Coors – Dan Baum. Story of the Coors family saga in business, politics & beer, 2000

Citizen Coors – Dan Baum. Coors family saga of business, politics & beer, 2001

Cold & Gold from the Poconos – Robert Janosov. History of Stegmaier Brewing Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA, 1997

Coors; A Rocky Mountain Legend – Russ Banham. History of Coors Brewing Co., 1998

Craft Brewing In Philadelphia 1985-2005 (CDROM) – Rich Wagner. Compilation of news articles, 2005

  1. G Yuengling & Son – Robert A Musson. Arcadia Images of America series on Yuengling, 2013

Early American Beverages – John Hull Brown. Intoxicating beverages in early America, 1966

Early American Inns and Taverns – Elsie Lathrop. Historic account of early American taverns, 1946

Early Breweries of New Jersey, The – Harry & Grace Weiss. Bound photocopy of historic perspective of NJ brewers, 1963

Empires of Industry – Brewed in America Video – History Channel. Video presentation of brewing in American history, 1997

Encyclopedia of Texas Breweries (Copy 1) – Mike Hennech. Guide to pre-prohibition historic breweries (1836-1918), 1990

Encyclopedia of Texas Breweries (Copy 2) – Mike Hennech. Guide to pre-prohibition historic breweries (1836-1918), 1990

Facts Versus Fallacies 1916 – PA State Brewers Association. Series of anti-prohibition advertisements in book form, 1916

Falstaff Story, The – Alvin Griesedieck. Bound photocopy of Falstaff Brewery history & development, 1951

Falstaff’s Complete Beer Book – Frederick Birmingham. Beer lore & history, 1970

Finest Beer You Ever Tasted – Kenn Flemmons. History of Tennessee Brewing Co & Goldcrest 51 beer, 2003

Fort Pitt – That’s It! – Robert Musson. Pictoral history of Fort Pitt Beer 1906, 2012, 2012

Fortune January 1936 (magazine) – Fortune. Periodical – Article “Beer Into Cans”, 1936

Gettleman Brewing Company – Nancy M. Gettleman. 107 years of Gettleman in Milwaukee, 1995

George Ehret 25 Years of Brewing (disk) – Friends of George Ehret. Digital scan disc of George Ehret rare book, c.1910

George Truog and His Art – Dale L. Murschell. G. Truog and the Maryland Glass Etching Works History, 2004

Great American Beer – Christopher O’Hara. 50 Iconic American Beers That Shaped the 20th Century, 2006

Guiness, Dublin – Unknown. History of Guinness Brewery – Dublin, Ireland, 1955

History of Beer & Brewing in Chicago – Bob Skilnik. Early history of the brewing industry in Chicago Illinois, 1999

History of Brewing in Lancaster County (PA) – Lync, et. al. Journal of Lancaster Hist. Soc. – Brewery history, 1966

History of the Brewing Industry & Brewing Science – John P. Arnold & Frank Penman. Reprint 2006 of 1933 History of U.S. Brewing Industry, 1933

History of the Brewing Industry & Brewing Science in America – John P. Arnold & Frank Penman. Reprint of historic brewing industry text, spiral bound, 1933

Homemade Beer Book, The – Vrest Orton. Historic home brewing & lore, 1973

Hometown Beer – H. James Maxwell & Bob Sullivan Jr. History of Kansas City’s breweries, 1999

Hoosier Beer – Bob Ostrander & Derrick Morris. History of Indiana Brewing Industry, 2011

Idaho Brewing History 2010 Calendar – Herman Ronnenberg. Calendar showing red letter days in Idaho brewing, 2009

Industry Revealed (1995 – 1996) – Institute for Brewing Studies. Brewing industry facts & figures

Jersey Brew – Michael Pellegrino. Story of beer in NJ from early brewers to today, 2009

Lager Legends & Lullabies – Bill Smulowitz. Brewery Lore; Esp. The Lion & Stegmaier, (?)

Legend of the Brewery – Jeff Lonto. Brief history of Minneapolis MN brewing heritage, 1998

Lehigh Valley Brewery Tour I – Rich Wagner. Guidebook to historic brewery tour, 1991

Lemp – The Haunting History – Stephen P. Walker. History of Lemp brewery & family – St. Louis, MO, 1988

Louise’s Legacy – Moira Harris. Hamm brewing family stories, 1998

Louisville Breweries – Peter Gueting & Conrad Selle. History of brewing industry in Louisville KY & vicinity, 1995

Luzerne- Lackawanna Brewery Tour III – Rich Wagner & Rich Dochter. Guidebook to historic brewery tour  6/21/95, 1995

Make Mine A Pint – Compilation DVD – History of Beer. British Brewing and the Countryside, 2006

Manufactories & Manufacturers of PA – 1875 – Galaxy Publishing. Biography of Industry in Pennsylvania, 1875

Michigan Breweries – P. Ruschmann & M. Nasiatka. Complete guide to Michigan Craft Breweries, 2006

Miller Time – John Gurda. Illustrated History of the Miller Brewing Co. 1855-2005, 2005

Modern Brewer Magazing – Janaury 1939 – Modern Brewer. January 1939 edition of industry publication, 1939

Molson Sage, The – Shirley E. Woods. Story of Molson brewing family – 6 generations, 1983

Murphy’s Story, The – Diarmuid & Donal O’Drisceoil. History of Murphy’s Lady’s Well Brewery, Cork, 1997

Nashville Brewing – Images of America Series – Scott r. Mertie. Story of Nashville, TN Brewing & Gerst Co., 2006

North American Wine & Spirit Journal – Periodical. 4/1909 – Liquor industry publication

Old Time Saloon, The – George Ade. Stories of The Old Time Saloon, The saloon in society – before prohibition, 1993

Origin & History of Beer & Brewing (2005 Reprint) – John P. Arnold. From pre-historic times to brewing today, 1911

Origin & Unprecedented Growth of Anheuser Busch – Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association. Reprint of 1889 booklet, 1993

Our 100th Year – F. & M. Schaefer. History of F & M Schaefer Brewing Co. 1842-1942

Over The Barrel, Vol. II – Timothy J. Holian. Cincinnati brewing history and culture, post-prohibition, 2001

Paws of Refreshment, The – Moira F. Harris. Story of Hamm’s beer advertising, 1990

Pennsylvania Breweries – 4th Edition – Lew Bryson. Reviews & tour of operating PA breweries & brewpubs, 2010

Philadelphia Beer (History Press) – Rich Wagner. Philadelphia brewing history – colonia times until today, 2012

Philadelphia Breweries During Prohibition – Rich Wagner. CDROM compilation of news/industry sources, 2006

Philadelphia Brewery Tour Guidebook – Rich Wagner & Rich Dochter. Historic notes on selected Philadelphia, PA breweries on tour, 1994

Philadelphia Brewery Tour II – Richard Wagner. Guidebook and historic notes on selected Philadelphia brewers, 1987

Philadelphia Brewery Tour III – Richard Wagner. Guidebook and historic notes on selected Philadelphia brewers, 1989

Pittsburgh Brewery Tour I – Rich Wagner & Rich Dochter. Guidebook to historic Pittsburgh Brewery tour, 1990

Post-Prohibition Brewery Guide, The – Jody Farra & Phil Myers. Booklet lists known post – 1933 US brewers, 1983

Prior Preferred Beer (Booklet) – C. Schmidt & Sons. Introductory promotion booklet, c.1960

Prohibition Arguments (Against) (Brochures) – Various. Group of 10 brochures and bookles anti-prohibition, C 1918

Prohibition Enforcement & Evasion in the 1920’s – Adam T. Bentz. Graduate thesis: Prohibition Enforcement Bethlehem, PA, 2006

Reflections of the Brewmaster – Robert C. Penza. Memories of Hammonton, NJ Brewer Robert Penza, 2010

Register of United States Breweries 1876 – 1976 – Manfred Friedrich & Donald Bull. Dictionary of known US brewers, 1976

pre-prohibition saloon, 1931

Register of United States Breweries 1876 – 1976 (Copy 2) – Manfred Friedrich & Donald Bull. Dictionary of known US brewers, 1976

Register of United States Breweries 1876 – 1976 Volume II – Manfred Friedrich & Donald Bull. Alphabetical index for Volume I, 1976

Repealing National Prohibition – Daivd E. Kyvig. A sudy of the political reaction against the 18th Amendment, 2000

Richmond Beers – Danny Morris. Directory of Brewers & bottlers of Richmond, Virginia, 1990

Richmond Beers (Hard Bound) – D. Morris & J. Johnson. Directory of the brewers and bottlers of Richmond, VA, 2000

Saloons, Bars & Cigar Stores – Roger Kislingbury. Historic interior photographs of 19th century bars, 1999

Schmidt’s – Beer as Beer Should Be. – C. Schmidt & Sons. Booklet about C. Schmidt & Sons history & marketing, c. 1980

Secret Life of Beer – Alan D. Eames. Legends, lore & little known facts, 1995

Souvenir of Philadelphia (Photo Copy) – USBA. Souvenir book from 1896 – 36th convention USBA, 1896

St. Louis Brews – 2009 Years 1809-2009 – H. Herbst, D. Roussin, K. Kious. History of St. Louis, MO Breweries, 2009

Stegmaier Brewing Comapny (DVD) – Al Kogoy. Presentation of :Save the Stegmaier” stories, 2010

Story of Utica Club Beer – Dale Kupfer. History of West End Brewery & Utica Club Beer, 2003

Story of Whitbread’s, The – Not Given. Brewery published history of England’s famous Whitbread’s, 1964

Straub Brewery – Images of America Series – John E. Schlimm II. History of the St.Mary’s, PA Straub brewery, 2005

Taverns of Yesteryear – unknown. Historic overview of colonial taverns & US brewing, 1960

The Devices of War – Norman Kemp. Chapter on the ship Menestheus “Davy Jones Brewery”, 1956

The Disciples of King Gambrinus Vol. 1 – Herman W. Ronnenberg. Tragic Lives of 25 Idaho Pioneer brewers, 2010

The Laurer Brewers & J. Laurer Brewing Co. – George J. Laurer. History of Binghamton, NY Brewery & Family, 2006

The Pabst Brewing Company – Thomas Cochran. Businesshistory series – story of US Brewery Icon Pabst, 1948

The Pre-prohibition History of A Coors Company – William Kostka. Detailed history of the Adolph Coors Co., pre-1920

The Red Barrel – Hurford Janes. A History of Britain’s Watney Mann Brewery, 1963

The Saloon (Public Drinking in Chicago & Boston 1880 – 1920) – Perry R. Davis. Historic perspective of the saloon in US society, 1999

Three Stooges Beer – Charles Bryant. Story of Stooge beer and it’s paraphernalia, 2003

Thomas Hardy’s Brewer – John Seekings. Story of Britain’s Eldridge, Pope & Co. Brewers, (?)

Time in A Bottle – Adolph Coors Co. Communications Department. History of Coors beer bottles & Labels, c.1985

Under the Influence – P. Hernon & T. Ganey. Unauthorized story of the Anheuser-Busch brewing Dynasty, 1991

new_signUtica Beer (Copy 1) – Daniel Shumway. A History of Brewing in the Mohawk Valley (NY), 2014

new_signUtica Beer (Copy 2) – Daniel Shumway. A History of Brewing in the Mohawk Valley (NY), 2014

Whitbread’s Entire – David Morgan. History of Whitbreads brewery, London, 1978

Who’s Who in Brew – Ed Scott. Breweries Licensed & brands in use, 1978

Who’s Who in Brew (revised) – John Vetter. 2012 revised edition – list of known US beers, 2011