Horlacher Pin-Up Calendars

The Horlacher Brewing Co. of Allentown, PA was purchased in bankruptcy in 1938 by local businessman Fred B Franks. The following year, 1939, the brewery issued its first pin-up girl calendar, a tradition that would continue yearly through 1969, which was the year that Mr. Franks sold the company to an Easton, PA investment group, Letzgo Industries. Pin-ups are not known to exist for the years 1945 – 1950 and 1952 & ’53. It is unlikely that the brewery did not issue calendars for those years, so the quest is on – find them! In 1963 a smaller version of the calendar was produced, the only year that this is known to have been done.

Addition Recently Found! The 1952 calendar in the slideshow matches other early 1950 designs, with a dog in the scene, and Hugo the penguin added.

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These years unknown – Do they exist? 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1953… help us find them! Please send an email to Larry with any info for this great collectors hunt at: OhHugo1@aol.com